Should I Book a Holiday for 2022?

Not sure whether now is a safe time to book a holiday? Our CEO, Phil Aird-Mash, shares his reasons why you shouldn’t hold off on booking your travel plans in 2022…

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Last year, many of us took the chance to visit our favourite places once again. The introduction of the traffic light system in 2021 saw a flurry of popular destinations appear on the green list, allowing us to safely enjoy our holidays once again.

With the large majority of us in the UK fully vaccinated, travel restrictions began to further ease to allow for quarantine-free travel with a negative COVID-19 test if you’d had both of your jabs. Soon after, we saw the traffic light system overhauled; with just one ‘red list’ covering a handful of destinations, international travel became exciting once again. 

In December, the discovery of the Omicron variant may have felt like a step backwards. Temporary restrictions were put in place, but many of us were delighted at the start of 2022 when they were once again eased. 

Today, travel is once again in a very positive position. If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you won’t need to take a COVID-19 test before your return to England. You also won’t need to quarantine when you get back. You’ll just need to take a lateral flow test on or before your second day back home – only if the result of this is positive will you need to take a PCR test and self-isolate.

While this is great news, I understand that you might still be feeling uncertain about booking a holiday this year.

So, allow me to reassure with some reasons why it’s still safe to plan your escape for 2022 or beyond…

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1. Your holiday will be protected

Our clients tell us that one of their biggest concerns when considering holidaying this year is the potential disruption that might occur.

Positively, many of the risks that our holidays faced over the past couple of years are now completely reduced. If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you no longer have to worry about taking a negative test in your resort to come home – a previous travel restriction that I understand caused some hesitation for enjoying a holiday.

Importantly of course, all of our bookings are also covered by our Book with Confidence guarantee to give further reassurance.

This means that if holiday restrictions were to change and your holiday can’t go ahead, we’ll offer to rearrange your holiday without charging amendment fees or give you a refund.

Every booking is also 100% ATOL and ABTA protected, so you can be fully assured that your money is completely safe.

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2. Make the most of personal service

Now more than ever, having a helping hand at the end of the phone is invaluable when taking a holiday.

At Inspiring Travel Company, this has always been central to our service. Our Travel Specialists take the time to get to know you personally and ensure we create a holiday that’s as unique and individual as you and your companions are.

What’s more, we’re always just a phone call or email away. So, if something does go wrong, we’ll be here to assist you.

As for all the latest travel rules across our destinations, you can be confident that our experts are keeping thoroughly up to date with every development. We’ll guide and support you through every requirement, such as any tests or entry forms you need to prepare to get there and back again.

All you need to do is relax, and we’ll sort out the details.

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3. The benefits of planning ahead

We all need something to look forward to now.

The old phrase that ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ really is true. A number of studies have shown that the anticipation of an upcoming trip alone boosts a person’s happiness and improves mental health substantially – more so than when buying material goods.

Some research even suggests that we’re at our happiest when we have a future holiday planned. This is before we even get to enjoy the many other benefits of travelling, such as increased empathy, creativity and renewed energy.

For you, this might be more important now than ever. Many of us have been feeling the stress and worries of this pandemic, so planning some valuable time away, even for next year, will bring numerous benefits.

On a practical level, we’re starting to find that after a period of limited international travel, a lot of top resorts and preferred flights are getting booked up. With the much of the world also now travelling, combined with reduced capacity, increased demand and postponed bookings, availability is becoming more difficult to find. So, planning well in advance is also becoming more important.

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4. We’re here to answer all your questions

We know there’s a lot to take in when planning a holiday this year.

Our clients often contact our Travel Specialists for advice on what the travel restrictions mean for their holiday plans, which COVID-19 tests are needed and what destination entry requirements are in place.

These things are important to ensure you can holiday safely and have been vital in opening up international travel. But, we don’t want them to come in the way of you relaxing and enjoying your time away.

So, if you have any questions about where you can travel this year, or want to find the most up to date travel information, contact our experts. They’re here to take care of the details for you, so you can safely enjoy your holiday.

5. The world is ready to welcome you back

Of course, we know that many businesses across the world need tourism to survive.

But, we also believe that travel is about more than that.

We’re all also missing out on meeting new people, being welcomed into different cultures and appreciating all the diversity our world has to offer. Without this, we’re more distanced from each other than we ever have been before.

So, as more countries start to open their borders for international holidaymakers, why not take the time to discover a new destination? Whether you end up chartering new waters in the Caribbean, expanding your sights across Europe or dipping your toes into the Indian Ocean, there’s still a whole world waiting to be discovered.

And, if you need some inspiration, we’ll be here to help you.

If you have any questions about booking a holiday this year or in future, contact us to speak to our Travel Specialists.

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